New Year’s resolutions are easy enough to make. Keeping them is an entirely different story.

Choosing your resolution wisely is perhaps the best way to boost the odds that you’ll follow through on it beyond the first few weeks (or days!) of the New Year. We wrote about this recently.

Already broke your resolution? Worried you’re about to break it? Never made one in the first place but think you should? It’s not too late to make, or revamp, a resolution for 2015.

For some helpful reminders of smart ways to make — and keep — a resolution, and some interesting facts (like how many days it takes to form a new habit, why you should share your resolution with your spouse and what to do when friends sabotage your efforts), check out this infographic from Happify, a website that offers activities and games to help people lead happier lives.

resolution infographic  

(Photo: happily

Sydney Herwig is an Associate Editor/Producer for SafeBee.