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When to Think Twice About Getting a Personal Loan

Personal loans offer fast cash, but beware the pitfalls of taking on high-interest debt.

Foreclosure saleForeclosure sale

Struggling Financially? 5 Ways to Avoid Foreclosure

Don’t bury your head in the sand — being proactive gives you a fighting chance to keep your home.

Car accidentCar accident

5 Ways to Avoid Auto Body Shop Ripoffs

After a car accident, here’s how to get the most bang for your buck at the repair shop.

older man with piggy bankolder man with piggy bank

How to Protect Your Parents' Assets If They Need a Nursing Home

Plan ahead to prevent this costly medical care from bankrupting you or your loved one.

Elderly man in wheelchair with aide Elderly man in wheelchair with aide

Long-Term Care Insurance: Should You Buy, and When?

Most of us who live long enough will need help with everyday activities someday — but only some of us should buy insurance to pay for it.

Money and passportMoney and passport

6 Steps for Managing Your Money While Overseas

From changing money to getting emergency cash, how to protect your funds in a foreign country.

Student loansStudent loans

Thinking of Taking Out a Student Loan? Buyer Beware

If you plan to borrow money to finance college, play it smart and look before you leap.

Online bankingOnline banking

6 Tips for Safer Online Banking

Savvy ways to make sure your digital financial info stays secure.

man holding boxman holding box

Survive Unemployment without Going Broke

Being out of work isn’t easy, but there are ways to cushion the financial blow.

Couple holding keys to new homeCouple holding keys to new home

Home Buyers: Save Money By Negotiating These Closing Costs

You may be able to avoid paying some fees once you know where to find them.

money problemsmoney problems

Save Your Marriage by Solving Your Money Differences

Money is the number two reason marriages fail. Instead of fighting about finances, get honest about your money attitudes, and get on the same team.

mature man at workmature man at work

Protecting Your Job When You're 50-Plus

Even with the employment market looking up, this is no time to let your guard down.

waitress with money on a traywaitress with money on a tray

The Best—and Worst—Ways to Get Your Paycheck

Payroll cards are trending in some industries, but are they as safe as checks or direct deposit?

Credit cardCredit card

Coming Soon: More Secure Credit Cards

Magnetic stripe cards are going away, to be replaced by a new technology that card issuers and retailers hope will lower the risk of fraud.

Shredded paperShredded paper

To Shred or Not to Shred?

Throwing junk mail, bills or financial paperwork in the trash could put you at risk for identity theft. Here’s what to shred and how.