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Pet Selfies from PetBot Can Make Your Day Happier— and Your Dog's (or Cat's) Too

pet bot Pet bot (Photo: Indiegogo/PetBot)
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We love our pets. They make us happy — and that’s good for our health. But unless you can take your pet to work (and if you can, lucky you!), you're probably away from your favorite furball most of the day, not to mention when you're on vacation (unless you brave taking your pet in the car or on a plane.) Now, when the work day gets too long or your stress levels threaten to hit the roof, you can perk up or calm down by looking at selfies your pooch or kitty took of himself. 

PetBot, a high-tech treat dispenser that's also a pet cam, lures your pup or kitty with the promise of a tasty treat. Once the sensor picks up on the four-legged presence, its built-in camera takes a quick snap and sends it to you. Instant gratification.

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The camera plays default music or a message you've recorded in your own voice to get your pet's attention — and get him to mug for the camera. If he gets close enough, the camera can also capture short clips and live stream video. 

The company just launched an Indiegogo campaign for their product, which, according to, "uses artificial intelligence technology to allow pet owners and their cats or dogs to interact at a distance." The Indiegogo website says the product "is for all pets and has been successfully tested with dogs, cats and even a rabbit!"

To help with your pet's anxiety or depression while you're at work, you can schedule specific times for the dispenser to reward them with some attention. And according to, you can also control it manually, "using the device to provide positive reinforcement when your animal is behaving well."

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Currently, PetBot is trying to raise $80,000 to fund its Indiegogo campaign. If they reach their goal, the treat dispenser will cost $200 or $189 for the early bird models. 

Who knows if the PetBot will help "home alone" pets feel less lonely and stressed. But the selfies could provide an instant stress buster for the parents. (Find more instant stress busters here.)

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