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Blue Bell Recalls All of its Products

blue bell ice cream products (Photo: Freedom Austin)
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It’s time to check your freezer again because there’s been yet another recall: On Monday Blue Bell Creameries, the company the makes ice cream and related products, announced it was recalling all of its products due to concerns over possible contamination with Listeria monocyogenes, a bacterium that can cause serious infections and even land you in the hospital.

Blue Bell had already recalled some of its products for the same reason.

Listeria infection is especially dangerous, even potentially fatal, for young children, elderly people and people with compromised immune systems.

According to the company, it decided to recall of all of its ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet and frozen snacks after tests of samples found that Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream half gallons produced on March 17 and 27 tested positive for listeria. In March, certain single-serving products tested positive for the bacterium. The company says it’s not certain where the listeria came from.

A handful of people have been treated in Kansas and Texas for listeria infection that may have been caused by eating single-serving Blue Bell products.

If you’re a Blue Bell lover, how can you trust the products in the future, and when will you know if it’s safe to eat them again? The company says it’s going to test all products and release them to the market only after they test negative. It is also making other changes. It’s enhancing its equipment cleaning and sanitizing process, expanding plant testing to swab far more surfaces and giving employees extra training.

Blue Bell says it expects to start shipping ice cream to stores again once it’s confident that its products are safe.

As with all recalls, if you have any Blue Bell products in your freezer, throw them out or return them to the store for a refund.

Symptoms of listeriosis include fever, chills, muscle aches and diarrhea. If you have any of these symptoms, see your doctor and be sure to tell him if you recently ate any Blue Bell products. According to the Food and Drug Administration, symptoms can show up anywhere from a few days to a few weeks after eating food contaminated with listeria.

If you have any questions about the recall you can call 1-866-608-3940 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. or Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. CST. Or go to

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