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Now This Halloween Costume Really Is Scary

antibiotic comic antibiotic comic (Photo: /Beatrice the Biologist)
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What's the scariest Halloween costume you can think of? A bloody vampire? Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street? A clown (for people with coulrophobia, or fear of clowns)?

We at SafeBee laughed at this one for its cleverness, though antibiotic resistance is no joke. Failing to finish a prescription for antibiotics could kill the weakest bacteria — making you feel better for a while — but not the strongest ones, which means you might get sick again — and the drugs may be less effective the next time.

Society-wide, the overuse of antibiotics when they're not needed (including in animals) also contributes to the development of bacteria that can outsmart these drugs.

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Other "scary" costumes we can think of include a bad password ("1245" or "password," for instance), a computer virus, and a space heater with a frayed cord (What are you? A fire hazard).

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