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Carbo-loading or Snowmageddon?

preparing for blizzard Juno Photo: John Connolly
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Bare bread shelves can mean only one thing: A blizzard!

Looks like residents of one North Jersey town pulled a Vic Dibitetto and nearly wiped out the bread aisle at one local supermarket. Residents all along the Eastern seaboard are stockpiling food, water, shovels and batteries in preparation for storm Juno, aka the blizzard of 2015.

You might have missed your bread opportunity at this point. But if the roads are still clear, the American Red Cross recommends a long list of items, including bottled water, baby supplies and medications, to make sure you have on hand. (If the roads aren't safe to travel, then use this list to prepare later on for another snow event.)

If you're already housebound due to this storm, there are still some safety measures you can take. First, especially if you're among the nearly 4 out of 10 households in the U.S. who’ve ditched their landline and are using cellphones only, charge your phone and keep it charged. (A battery-powered cell phone charger would be a good investment for next time). 

If you think you might lose power, the Food and Drug Administration suggests loading the fridge and freezer with containers of water. They'll freeze — and then they'll help your food keep longer in case the power does go out. 

Another great tip: When the temperature plummets, let cold water drip slowly from faucets served by exposed pipes. Running water through the pipes — even at a trickle — helps prevent them from freezing.

And of course, once all that pretty white stuff is done falling, make sure you stay safe while shoveling, sledding and skiing and snowboarding

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