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Samsung's Safety Truck Lends a Hand to Drivers

samsung truck (Photo: SamsungTomorrow/Samsung)
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If there's one thing we can all agree on it's how frustrating it is to be driving a car behind a semi-truck on a single lane highway. Since you can't see over or around such a large vehicle, it's tough to pass safely — and that can really put the brakes on a road trip.

Samsung may fix this road conundrum with their new Safety Truck. It's only in the prototype stage now, but the Samsung Safety Truck features a wireless camera mounted on the front and four monitors on the back. The monitors display what the camera sees, so a driver behind the truck will be able to see what's in front of it and also what's in the incoming lane. The monitors would also allow the driver of a car to view any obstacles or road work coming up and so avoid last minute breaking.

The idea for the Safety Truck originated in Samsung's Argentinian division as a possible solution to the country's high rate of traffic accidents, especially in two-lane roads. The company says that it's working with the government and other safety agencies to further develop the initiative and bring it to the public. 

There's no timeline for release of the Samsung Safety truck, but you can view the screens in action on this Samsung video.