Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Halloween Candy?

Before you buy your stash or dig in to this year's haul, test your sweets smarts

Deborah Skolnik Family September 28, 2015

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Before you "sample" the goodies in your kids’ trick-or-treat bags, fill your brain with some fun facts!

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What percent of parents confess to sneaking candy from their kids' haul?

According to the National Confectioners Association (NCA), nearly a quarter of moms and dads admit to dipping into their children’s trick-or-treat bags — usually while the kids are in bed or at school (strictly for quality-control purposes, of course). How many parents do it but don't admit it may be another story!

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What percentage of all Halloween treat spending goes toward chocolate candy?

Chocoholics rejoice! A recent NCA survey found that consumers spend more money on chocolate candy than any other type of treat, bar none.

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What’s the most popular Halloween candy?

According to data from IRI, a research firm, Reese’s holds the top spot. M&Ms were the longtime favorite until 2013, when those pushy peanut butter cups elbowed the colorful candy-coated chocolates out of the sweet spot.

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Which of these goodies is gluten-free?

There are plenty of great choices out there for people who have celiac disease or another condition that requires them to go gluten-free. Note: Always read labels, since ingredients can change at any time. Visit celiac.org for a list of other candies that are, to the best of the organization’s knowledge, gluten-free.

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Which of the following treats can a kid (or anyone) with a nut allergy safely savor?

There are no nuts in Tootsie Rolls. Not only that, according to Tootsie Roll Industries, which makes the chewy logs, Tootsie Rolls are produced in a facility that’s nut-free. Keep reading labels, though — candies’ ingredients and manufacturing methods can change.

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Which of these was originally called "Chicken Feed"?

Candy Corn's appearance reminded people of the grain they’d toss to their chickens, according to Jelly Belly Candy Company, which now produces the confectionary kernels. In 1898, when the candies were first introduced, the tag line for them was "Something worth crowing for."


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Which of the following is not a Dum Dum lollipop flavor?

If raspberry is your favorite flavor, you’ll have to send Spangler Candy, the manufacturer of Dum Dums, a strongly worded note (or blow them a raspberry of your own). But don’t worry: Besides cotton candy, peach-mango and watermelon, there are 17 fun flavors of these little lollies.

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From skinny tip to wide base, what are the three colors — in order — on a piece of Candy Corn?

The tip is white, the next stripe orange, the bottom yellow. If you missed that one, maybe you need to nibble one... or two... or three.

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How long would you have to sweat on the elliptical machine to burn off the calories in one fun-size Milky Way?

It would take a woman who weighs 130 pounds around nine minutes to burn off the 80 calories in a miniature Milky Way bar. The same is true of fun-size Snickers, Mounds and Twix bars, which also have 80 calories each.


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When Mars introduced blue M&Ms in 1995, what color candy coating did the company banish?

After asking fans of the melt-in-your-mouth-not-in-your-hands treats what color they would like to see in place of tan, blue won out over pink and purple. Tan was discontinued because Mars felt it wasn't necessary to have two shades of brown.

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