Test Your Awareness Ribbon IQ

You see these ribbons stuck to car bumpers and pinned to lapels, but do you know what they represent?

Angela Nelson (@BostonAngela) Health September 3, 2015

Awareness ribbons

More than 70 colored ribbons are used to raise awareness for issues and causes. When you see a ribbon bumper sticker on a car, do you know what it represents?

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Blue ribbon

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The blue ribbon represents:

One of the most widely used colors for awareness ribbons, the blue ribbon also represents arthritis awareness, colon and colorectal cancer awareness, West Nile Virus, restless leg syndrome and more. Just don’t confuse it with a light blue ribbon, dark blue ribbon or a royal blue ribbon, as those are for other causes.

Green ribbon

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The green ribbon is used for:

The green ribbon also is used to support cerebral palsy, kidney cancer, spinal cord injuries, literacy and many other causes. But again, don’t confuse it with jade green, light green or mint green, as those support other causes.

Autism ribbon

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This ribbon is for:

The puzzle piece was adopted in 1999 as a symbol of the autism community. Why a puzzle piece? “The puzzle pattern reflects the complexity of the autism spectrum,” according to the Autism Society.

Yellow ribbon

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The yellow ribbon represents:

The yellow ribbon also is used for spina bifida awareness, liver disease and more.

Red ribbon

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The red ribbon stands for:

You’d have to be living under a rock not to recognize the iconic red ribbon representing AIDS/HIV awareness. In fact, according to the National AIDS Trust, the red ribbon was the first ever ribbon symbol.

Black ribbon

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The black ribbon represents:

The black ribbon also is used for narcolepsy awareness and remembering the 32 victims of the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre.

Orange ribbon

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The orange ribbon raises awareness for:

The orange ribbon also represents lupus and various cancers, including melanoma and leukemia.

White ribbon with dots

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This ribbon raises awareness for:

Just a little ribbon humor to keep you on your toes!

Awareness ribbons

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