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It’s a sign — of what?

Ronald Agrella (@ronagrella) Travel December 3, 2015

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We’ve all been baffled by at least one road sign in our travels. Guess the meaning of these signs from the safety of your smartphone or computer.

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left turn u turn

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You see this sign at a busy intersection. What does it mean?

If you see this sign, you can travel straight ahead or take a right turn if there is one, but you’ll have to find another intersection at which to take a left turn or make a U-turn.

pay by plate

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What does this sign at a toll area mean?

As states begin to reduce the number of toll personnel, they are replacing them with electronic services, such as E-Z Pass. For those who don't have electronic payment devices, toll-by-plate will identify you by your license plate and you will get a bill, sometimes above the cost of the actual toll.

Center turning lane

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If you see this sign it means:

According to the Federal Highway Administration, this sign means “a nonreversible lane is reserved for the exclusive use of left-turning vehicles in either direction and is not used for passing, overtaking or through travel.”

slippery when wet

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When you see this sign, you should use caution. Why?

Rain can make for dangerous driving because it impairs visibility and reduces the amount of traction between your car and the road.

Divided Highway Ends

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This sign means:

The sign warns drivers that the divided highway on which they’re traveling will end, and two-way traffic will begin. You should keep to the right and watch for oncoming traffic.

library symbol

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Driving through a small town, you see this sign. It means:

This is the official national library symbol used in the United States. One might question why the symbol is needed — assuming most people who are library-bound could read the words “Library Ahead.”


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This sign means:

Traffic travels counter-clockwise in a rotary. And cars inside the roundabout have the right of way, so yield to them as you try to enter.

wc road sign

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You’re motoring in Europe and see “WC” on a traffic sign. What does it mean?

A WC refers to a water closet, or a bathroom facility that has one or more flush toilets. Time for a pit stop!

no stopping
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On a scenic tour in Russia, you see this sign. It indicates:

This sign, which is used in other areas of Europe as well, indicates you should not stop your vehicle.

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no overtake

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Here’s another warning sign you may come across in Europe. It means:

When you see this sign, keep the pedal off the metal and don’t pass.

start of freeway

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This road sign can be seen in Australia and several other countries and indicates:

When you see this, you’re about to get onto a highway/freeway.

road sign streets

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