10 Ways to Be Kind to Your Pet this Winter

Keep your dog and cat safe, warm and happy when the cold weather hits
cat and poinsettia Photo: Brenda Carson/Shutterstock
dog and cat in the snow
pug in the snow
cat under car
long haired dog in snow
dog in jacket
cat in christmas tree
2 dogs in snow
cat getting checkup
little dog by car
cat and dog eating
cat and poinsettia
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Skip the holiday plants

They’re festive, but some seasonal plants can cause problems for your pets. Poinsettias aren’t as dangerous as some people think, but they can cause tummy upset if your cat or dog decides to take a bite. Holly, hibiscus and amaryllis also may cause vomiting and diarrhea. Mistletoe is very toxic to all pets, and lilies can be deadly to cats. To be safe, go artificial.

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