10 Ways to Be Kind to Your Pet this Winter

Keep your dog and cat safe, warm and happy when the cold weather hits
cat in christmas tree Photo: Sue McDonald/Shutterstock
dog and cat in the snow
pug in the snow
cat under car
long haired dog in snow
dog in jacket
cat in christmas tree
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cat and poinsettia
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Deck the halls

Curious cats love exploring Christmas trees. Keep your tree from toppling over by anchoring it with fishing line to a hook on the wall. Hang tinsel, garland and breakable ornaments out of reach of your kitty and your dog’s wagging tail. Also, sweep up pine needles regularly. They can cause stomach problems if they become a pet snack. Change the water in the tree stand if the tree doesn’t drink it all. If it’s stagnant or you’ve added chemicals to keep the tree fresh, your pet can get sick if he takes a slurp.