The 8 Best Foods to Eat For Depression

These foods boost healthy brain chemistry and fight inflammation, which is linked to depression
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wild salmon
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turmeric root
dark chocolate
lentil soup
kale salad
grape tomatoes
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One cup of lentils provides 90 percent of the recommended daily allowance of folate, a B vitamin shown in studies to help ward off depression, according Roberta Lee, MD, author of "The SuperStress Solution." In fact, a Harvard study showed people with depression may have a significant deficiency of folate.

Lentils also are a great vegetarian source of protein (18 grams in a cup), which is important for brain health. “People tend to have a problem getting plant-based protein into their diet," says Columbia University psychiatrist Drew Ramsey, MD. Legumes, he says, are a great way to go.

Lentils provide lots of iron, too, which can boost energy. Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency, and its symptoms can include depression, according to Ramsey.