8 Healthy Alternatives to White Flour

Discover ancient grains, gluten-free options and other high-fiber, nutrient-packed flours
oat flour Photo: Evan Lorne/Shutterstock
oat flour
buckwheat flour
almond flour
coconut flour
spelt flour
oat flour
corn flour
chickpea garbanzo flour
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Healthier by the cup

Gone are the days when white all-purpose flour was the go-to for cooking and baking. As interest in whole grains and gluten-free cooking and baking has exploded, so have flour options. Choices now include flours made from non-wheat grains such as oat, corn and buckwheat and those made from coconut, almond and even beans. Curious to learn what they are and how best to use them? Sarah House, baking expert at Bob’s Red Mill, provides a primer.