Food Safety Fails

10 common mistakes that could make you sick
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eggs and milk in fridge
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Fail: Storing milk or eggs on the refrigerator door

The whoosh of room-temperature air every time you open the fridge warms up the inside of the door, and anything on it, the most, Mills says. Safer steps: “Store perishable food like dairy products, meats and leftovers on the shelves in the fridge. The coldest area is usually closest to the freezer,” she notes. “Save the door for condiments like salad dressings, catsup, mustard and relish. The acid in these foods discourages the growth of mold and bacteria.” Make sure your fridge is set between 34 and 40 degrees F. “Check the thermometer near the temperature dial,” Mills suggests. “If your fridge doesn’t have one, buy a freestanding refrigerator thermometer.”