Food Safety Fails

10 common mistakes that could make you sick
baby eating spaghetti Photo: Alexandralaw1977/Shutterstock
woman worried in kitchen
cooked chicken
eggs and milk in fridge
pet in kitchen
baby eating spaghetti
spoiled food
cooled drinks in cooler
meat in fridge
gloves for cutting board
canning food
cleaning blender
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Fail: Keeping your kids’ half-eaten leftovers

Half-full sippy cups, partial sandwiches, the bowl of soup your toddler refused after a couple of spoonfuls, the rest of your child’s spaghetti and meatballs diner. Saving the remains for a day or two seems frugal, but Mills says it could be foolish. “The food is full of germs, as well as enzymes, found in saliva, that will start breaking down the starches and proteins in the foods you’re trying to keep,” she notes. Safer steps: “Once your kids have munched and mangled a meal, toss the rest,” she says.

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