9 Surprising Places Salmonella Bacteria Lurk

Salmonella poisoning isn't just a raw chicken thing. Here are other places to watch for it
goldfish in bowl Photo: Alex Staroseltsev/Shutterstock
puppy chewing on bone
spices on spoons
cucumber and slices
cantaloupe slices
jar of peanut butter with spoon
boxer with treat on his nose
bearded dragon
goat at petting zoo
baby chicks
goldfish in bowl
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Fish food

Yes, a fish seems like the lowest-maintenance, safest pet around. And it may be, but watch the fish food. Last year, a company voluntarily recalled its fish food, concerned that it had salmonella. The organism turned up as the company was doing routine testing. No sickness was reported in this case. Young kids should be supervised while feeding fish, and adults should oversee hand washing when they're done.

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