9 Surprising Places Salmonella Bacteria Lurk

Salmonella poisoning isn't just a raw chicken thing. Here are other places to watch for it
baby chicks Photo: King Tut/Shutterstock
puppy chewing on bone
spices on spoons
cucumber and slices
cantaloupe slices
jar of peanut butter with spoon
boxer with treat on his nose
bearded dragon
goat at petting zoo
baby chicks
goldfish in bowl
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Pet chicks and chickens

Getting children a baby chick or two for Easter may sound adorable, but it's a salmonella infection waiting to happen, the CDC warns. If you get your child such a pet, or you’re raising backyard chickens, be sure to supervise hand washing before and after touching the chicks or anything in their living quarters. Don't let your child kiss the chicks. And if your child is not yet five years old? Pick another pet, the CDC suggests.

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