Are You Sacrificing Health in the Name of Beauty?

6 sometimes-risky pampering practices and how to indulge in them safely
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Pimples: Hands off!

The best way to handle a zit: Don’t. Even if you scrub them first, popping a pimple with your fingers can transfer bacteria into the open pore. It can also create unsightly scabs and permanent pocks and scars, says Rebecca Baxt, MD, a dermatologist in Paramus, New Jersey. To banish a blemish, hold a hot (not scalding) washcloth against it to draw out the pus, then dab on over-the-counter acne cream. A dermatologist can use a sterile instrument to get the gunk out of a really bad zit. When time is of the essence — a pimple appears the day before your wedding, say — a doctor can inject it with a steroid to shrink it down within hours.

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