Are You Sacrificing Health in the Name of Beauty?

6 sometimes-risky pampering practices and how to indulge in them safely
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Waxing: What a rip-off!

Waxing can create micro tears and inflammation, leaving the area vulnerable to bacteria. “Wax can burn if it’s too hot or it's left on skin too long,” warns Baxt. “It also can cause ingrown hairs and cysts, folliculitis, which is a bacterial infection, and permanent scarring.” Brazilian bikini waxes (in which all hair down below is removed) may be doubly dangerous since genital skin is especially thin. If you wax any body part (at a salon or at home), opt for hard wax rather than soft. Oddly enough, the hard stuff is gentler on skin. You might also try sugaring, in which a sugar-based paste is used instead of wax and is thought to be gentler.