Can't Sleep? 9 Surprising Things that Can Keep You Awake

If you just can't nod off, one of these hidden problems may be to blame
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Ewww — that smell

If it's too bright or there's too much noise, it's hard to snooze. But vision and hearing aren't the only senses you need to worry about. If your nose detects a strong smell, that could also interfere with sleep, says sleep expert Michael Breus, PhD. Some examples: a smelly dog in the bedroom, lingering cooking smells or even a strongly scented soap, shampoo or hand lotion. “Body odor can be another problem,” Breus notes. If a bath or shower can't solve the stink, you might try using a lavender-scented spray or diffuser at night. The University of Maryland Medical Center confirms lavender "produces slight calming, soothing, and sedative effects when its scent is inhaled."

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