Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Ideas

Win her (or his) heart with these healthy ways to celebrate
couple eating popcorn laughing Photo: wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock
couple on valentines day
melted chocolate and strawberries
tea for two
wine bottle
cooking with curry
couple having heart-to-heart
couple eating popcorn laughing
couple hugging
couple in bed
couple snow-shoeing
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Share a (hearty) laugh.

Consider wrapping up tickets to night of comedy. Japanese researchers found that watching a funny 30-minute TV show increased artery flexibility in some people. Supple arteries adapt more easily to natural changes in blood pressure — when you’re exercising, for example, or feel a strong emotion — helping to keep blood pressure low. American researchers have found similar effects of laughter. They suspect that the feel-good endorphins produced by laughter encourage the release of artery-relaxing nitric oxide.