Winter Skin Guide: 7 Steps to Healthy, Itch-Free Skin

Ditch the winter itch with these simple tips
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Check your medications

A host of medicines can contribute to dry skin, including niacin (a cholesterol-lowering drug), isotretinoin (Accutane, used to treat acne) and diuretics. If you're taking one of these and are bothered by dry skin, talk with your doctor. “Vitamin A is particularly tricky because too much isotretinoin can cause dry skin, but too little vitamin A in the diet can also cause it,” says Hudacek. “Everything in moderation.”

If you're relentlessly dry and itchy, Eleni Linos, MD, a dermatologist and epidemiologist at the University of California San Francisco, advises going over everything you take (or rub on your skin) with your dermatologist. Working with your doctor to change or adjust the medication may solve your winter itch right there.

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