Winter Skin Irritations: What’s That Itch?

Your dry, itchy skin is likely caused by one of these 6 irritants. Here’s how to fix it
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Winter Skin Irritation #1: Dry Skin

When temperatures dip and the heat is cranked up, skin can get dry, flaky, itchy and dull. Why? The skin cell barrier, which holds in moisture, becomes impaired, Bank says, allowing water molecules to escape from the skin. “You get into a vicious cycle of irritation and itching,” he says.

The fix: Avoid taking very hot baths or showers, Bank says. Swap out harsh soap for a mild cleanser. After bathing, gently pat skin dry, then slather on moisturizer to help trap moisture in skin. (Or, you can use an in-shower moisturizer to save a step.)

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