Winter Skin Irritations: What’s That Itch?

Your dry, itchy skin is likely caused by one of these 6 irritants. Here’s how to fix it
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Winter Skin Irritation #2: Uticaria

Some people break out in hives when exposed to icy temperatures, says Venessa Peña-Robichaux, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in Texas. The red welts are most likely to appear when temperatures dip below 39 degrees F, according to the Mayo Clinic. Cold urticaria may be hereditary or brought on by a virus.

The fix: See a doctor. Get emergency care if you feel dizzy, have trouble breathing or your tongue or throat swells up — signs of an anaphylactic reaction, according to the Mayo Clinic. An antihistamine can help clear up the hives, Peña-Robichaux says.

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