9 Simple Hacks For A Hazard-Free Kitchen

Easy ways to make everything from food prep to cleanup safer and healthier
man cutting witha  sharp knife Photo: Sergey Nivens /Shutterstock
kitchen hacks
man cutting witha  sharp knife
grating with cheese grater
broken egg
bottles of milk in fridge
meat thermometer in pork
toothbrush for cleaning
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vinegar for cleaning dishwasher
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Look sharp

You’re more likely to cut yourself with a dull knife than a sharp one. That’s because you have to press down harder with a dull blade, making it more likely to slip and slice you rather than the food you’re prepping. Sharpen knives frequently and keep them that way: If you store them in a block, slide them into the slots sharp side up. That way the blades won’t rub against the wood, which can wear them down. Make sheaths for knives that you store in a drawer by cutting the folded edges of a manila folder or cardboard envelope to fit the blade. Not only will this help keep your knives sharp, it will protect your hands when you reach for one.

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