9 Simple Hacks For A Hazard-Free Kitchen

Easy ways to make everything from food prep to cleanup safer and healthier
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vinegar for cleaning dishwasher
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The yolk’s on you

An eggshell is like Mother Nature’s Tupperware — a neat way to store the runny good-for-you parts of an egg while keeping harmful stuff out. Cracks in the shell let in bacteria that multiply over time and may not be destroyed during cooking. When buying eggs, check each one in the carton for breakage before you hit the checkout line. If any eggs crack on the way home, you can salvage them: Empty the yolks and whites into a clean container with a tight cover and stick them in the fridge right away. (Toss the broken shells.) Cook the eggs within a day or two and they should be fine. And next time? Take a less bumpy route home from the supermarket!

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