9 Simple Hacks For A Hazard-Free Kitchen

Easy ways to make everything from food prep to cleanup safer and healthier
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meat thermometer in pork
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A matter of degrees

Certain foods, especially meat and poultry, are guaranteed safe to eat only if they get hot enough inside to destroy any bacteria that was there before cooking. The way to make sure a food has reached a safe internal temperature is by using a thermometer, but it needs to be precise. To test yours, dip it into a glass of ice water that’s been sitting for a few minutes (so it’s thoroughly chilled). The thermometer should read 32 degrees F. Or you can insert the thermometer into a pot of boiling water without letting it touching the bottom. It should register 212 degrees F. If you live in a high-altitude area, check with your local health department to find out the boiling temperature of water.

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