9 Simple Hacks For A Hazard-Free Kitchen

Easy ways to make everything from food prep to cleanup safer and healthier
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gross sponges in kitchen
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SOS for icky sponges

Sponges come in mighty handy for certain kitchen tasks. At the same time, bacteria are drawn to sponges like flies to honey. To keep kitchen sponges (and dishcloths) free of germs between uses, zap them in the microwave on high for one minute while still damp. (Be careful when you take them out. They will be hot!) Tossing kitchen sponges and cloths in the dishwasher each time you run a cycle will also kill bacteria. The same goes for a 60-second soak in a mixture of ½ teaspoon bleach per one quart of water. Be sure to rinse and squeeze out the bleach solution before using the sponge or cloth.

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