DIY Projects You Might Want to Hire a Professional For

Painting a room is one thing; for DIY dabblers, these projects are another
man with hammered finger Photo: cnky photography/Shutterstock
man with hammered finger
clothes dryer controls
cutting electrical wires
sanding hardwood floor
hot water heater
chimney sweep
dirty air vent
painting house exterior
plumber welding pipe
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Don't try these at home (by yourself)

There’s nothing more satisfying than tackling — and acing — a home improvement project on your own. But unless you have a lot of DYI experience, certain projects may be best left to professionals. Even something as seemingly simple as hooking up a clothes dryer can be potentially dangerous if you don’t know how to handle gas or electric lines or the machine isn’t properly vented. Here are eight home improvement projects that the casual DIYer may want to call in a pro to do.