DIY Projects You Might Want to Hire a Professional For

Painting a room is one thing; for DIY dabblers, these projects are another
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man with hammered finger
clothes dryer controls
cutting electrical wires
sanding hardwood floor
hot water heater
chimney sweep
dirty air vent
painting house exterior
plumber welding pipe
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Installing a gas or electric clothes dryer

Gas dryers require new flexible hoses to be installed from a gas line. This means the line needs to be shut off and checked for leaks after installation. Electric dryers need to be installed on an appropriately sized circuit, so a licensed electrician should inspect the breaker and the gauge of the wiring. Either type of dryer needs to be vented properly or a blockage could lead to a fire over time. If you’re looking for that DIY thrill, try tackling the washer yourself — just be sure to use high-quality leak or burst-proof hoses.

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