DIY Projects You Might Want to Hire a Professional For

Painting a room is one thing; for DIY dabblers, these projects are another
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clothes dryer controls
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sanding hardwood floor
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Cleaning air and dryer ducts

The jury is out on whether cleaning forced air ducts can improve indoor air quality, but a thorough cleaning may be necessary if there’s visible mold or signs of a rodent infestation. You certainly can vacuum visible ducts yourself, but otherwise, hiring a professional licensed by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association will ensure you find someone who knows how to properly seal and clean your system without spraying tainted air back into your house. As for clothes dryer ducts, performing periodic cleanings yourself will help minimize buildup, but the Chimney Safety Institute of America licenses pros called certified dryer exhaust technicians to perform more thorough cleanings that minimize the risk of vent fires.

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