DIY Projects You Might Want to Hire a Professional For

Painting a room is one thing; for DIY dabblers, these projects are another
painting house exterior Photo: varujc/Shutterstock
man with hammered finger
clothes dryer controls
cutting electrical wires
sanding hardwood floor
hot water heater
chimney sweep
dirty air vent
painting house exterior
plumber welding pipe
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Painting the outside of your house

Painting the exterior of a house may seem like a cakewalk. And it's really not so hard when you're working on the first story. But when it’s time to advance higher than you can reach, painting while balanced on a ladder can be dangerous. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls from ladders are responsible for 81 percent of the nearly 50,000 fall-related injuries experienced by people in the construction trade — and those are pros. Unless you live in a single-story ranch, painting a house may be a job best left to a licensed and trained professional.