How to Dispose of Lightbulbs and 9 Other Hazardous Items

When in doubt, don’t toss it out — read this first
pesticides Photo: Protasov AN/Shutterstock
old stove
sharp bottles
cooking grease
insulin needles
broken lightbulb
expired medication
mercury thermometer
paint cans
smoke detector
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You’ve gotten rid of the cockroaches, rats or other pests that invaded your home, but now you’ve got leftover pesticides. The best way to get rid of pesticides is to use them up, the EPA recommends. Once you have an empty bottle or can, you can throw it in the trash unless the label on the bottle directs another method of disposal. If you can’t use what’s left, look for a friend or neighbor who might. If you don’t have any luck, check with your city or county for hazardous waste disposal rules. 

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