How Often Should I Wash, Replace or Clean That?

From washing your sheets to changing your smoke alarm batteries, there's a time for everything
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windshield wiper woman
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fire extinguisher
dog bowl
changing bed sheets
windshield wiper
kitchen towel
batteries smoke alarm
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tire pressure
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When should I do that?

Do you have any idea the last time you changed your smoke alarm batteries or your windshield wipers — or how often you should change them? What about your kitchen towel, the one you dry dishes and wipe your hands with — when is the last time you washed it?

Chances are, from checking the air pressure in your tires to washing your dog's water dish, there are tasks you let go far too long. And there are some you don't even know you should do, like shaking your fire extinguisher to make sure it will work when you need it.

Click through for a reminder of what you probably need to go do right now.

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