How Often Should I Wash, Replace or Clean That?

From washing your sheets to changing your smoke alarm batteries, there's a time for everything
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Wash your dog's bowl

Your dog is not exactly a neat eater. So why bother washing his food and water bowls regularly? One word: biofilm. It's the same gluey, bacteria-filled gunk that can form on your teeth. Since biofilm can develop on a surface in just hours, wash your dog’s food bowl after every meal and his water bowl twice a day, advises Joseph Kinnarney, DVM, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

To break up biofilm, use something abrasive to scrub the dish before you disinfect it. To disinfect it, mix a solution of one tablespoon bleach and one gallon of water (don't use bleach on aluminum bowls), fill the bowl and let it sit for two minutes. Let it air dry, then rinse it well.

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