Tips for Greener House Cleaning

10 ways to make cleaning less hazardous to your health
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Scrutinize green products

What do the words “green” or “eco-friendly” on product labels mean? Not much. On the other hand, the Federal Trade Commission allows the use of more meaningful terms, such as “non-toxic” or “ozone friendly” or “VOC-free,” as long as manufacturers can back up the claims. If you want to be sure you’re using a safe cleaning product, look for environmental certifications that indicate the product has been scientifically tested and certified by an unbiased third party. UL’s ECOLOGO tells you a representative sample of the product has been evaluated for its impact on the environment and human health and UL’s GREENGUARD Certification means a product meets strict low chemical emission standards.”. You can search UL's Sustainable Product Guide for almost any type of cleaning product.