Tips for Greener House Cleaning

10 ways to make cleaning less hazardous to your health
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Use sponges sparingly

That sponge you just used to wipe down your kitchen counters? There’s a pretty good chance it just spread bacteria everywhere. Instead, use paper towels or disinfecting wipes when cleaning counter tops. Never use sponges to clean up meat juice spills. If you use a sponge, reserve it for dishwashing, and clean it daily with a one-minute zap in the microwave or a spin through the dishwasher. Replace sponges frequently, and always toss when the sponge begins to smell or look funky. Extend the life of your sponge by allowing it to air dry when not in use. A neat tip: Place your sponge upright in a binder clip so it can air-dry while sitting on the kitchen counter.