Think Twice Before Buying These 8 Items Online

From meds to mattresses, it’s smarter to buy some products in person
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Prescription medication

Buying medications online can be dangerous according to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). If you decide to do it, make sure you’re using a legitimate website. “Rogue websites” sell illegal, untested or counterfeit medications that can be harmful or, at best, ineffective, the FDA says. Some consumers have had to get emergency medical treatment after taking the wrong drug, purchased from a shady seller. And when FDA investigators ordered the flu medicine Tamiflu from several sites, one order arrived from India containing tablets made of talc and acetaminophen. Check with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy to make sure a pharmacy is licensed.

A legit site should have a licensed pharmacist available to answer your questions, require a prescription for Rx medicines from someone licensed to prescribe medicines, and provide contact information so you can talk to a person if you have problems or questions.