Think Twice Before Buying These 8 Items Online

From meds to mattresses, it’s smarter to buy some products in person
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Mattresses and furniture

Always lie down on a mattress before you buy it, Consumer Reports recommends. And don’t count on “showrooming” — where you go to a local store, try out a product and then shop for a better price online. That might not work with mattresses because manufacturers often make different models exclusively for different stores, according to Consumer Reports. So, shop in person and spend about 10 minutes lying on each side, on your back and on your stomach before you pick a mattress, Consumer Reports recommends.

Also think twice before buying furniture online. It’s hard to tell from a picture on a screen what the color of the furniture is, what its quality is like and how it will feel when you sit on it. If you end up disappointed, trying to return furniture you bought online can be difficult and expensive.