Think Twice Before Buying These 8 Items Online

From meds to mattresses, it’s smarter to buy some products in person
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It’s one thing to buy frames online. Lenses are another story. An American Optometric Association (AOA) study found nearly three out of 10 pairs ordered online had at least one lens that failed to match the prescription, a problem the AOA notes is typically noticed and corrected when lenses are ordered through and delivered by an optometrist. Nearly a quarter of the lenses failed to meet impact resistance standards. When buying glasses, it’s also crucial to have the correct pupil distance (PD) measurement so the center of each lens is correctly positioned for your eyes. Measuring your own PD is “like cutting your own hair,” according to the AOA. Finally, once you have your eyeglasses, they must be fitted and adjusted to your face, which requires a trip to your eye doctor.