9 Tech Habits That Can Wreck Your Body (and How to Break Them)

Smarter ways to use your phone, computer and tablet
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Having a bad desk set-up

Especially since we spend so much time in front of our computers, ergonomics counts. A bad setup can hurt you in a hurry. A few tips: Make sure your monitor and keyboard are neither too far away or too close. That can lead to eye strain and muscle aches as you awkwardly bend to see and reach. Your monitor should be 20 to 40 inches away, slightly at or below eye level. Have your keyboard right in front of you so your elbows stay close to your body. Adjust your chair so your forearms are parallel to the floor. (If you use a laptop, it’s a good idea to use a separate monitor and keyboard.) Your mouse should be near your keyboard. Use a wrist rest for your mouse and keyboard if it feels better.