Wearable fitness device Photo: Maridav/Shutterstock

Wearable Fitness Devices: Who Owns Your Data?

Smart home tech - refrigeratorSmart home tech - refrigerator

Smart Homes, Smarter Consumers

There are currently more than 13 billion interconnected devices (digital and electronic) globally.


​Drones Are Becoming More Popular, But Are They Safe?

Everything from package deliveries to farming to construction building and more might all soon be supported by a drone.


Lithium-Ion Battery Safety

Lithium Ion Battery Safety Precautions. Keep yourself safe around batteries.

red hoverboard safetyred hoverboard safety

Hoverboards Receive UL Certification and Roll Again

Hoverboards Receive UL Certification and Roll Again

pokemon logo in outer spacepokemon logo in outer space

Have fun, but be safe, while using Pokémon Go on your mobile device

Pokémon can be a blast but there are risks as well

splattered tomatosplattered tomato

Damaged Tomatoes and Bread Mold: The Future of Energy?

Rotten food and fungus could one day power batteries and fuel cells.


Nanowaste: Why You Should Care About What You Can't See

Nanoparticles that are advancing science and improving products also have a dark side.

password 2password 2

Can Changing Your Passwords Too Often Backfire?

If it means you use dumb passwords, the answer may be “yes.”


6 Ways Drones Are Making Us Safer

In the right hands, this high-flying technology can do a world of good.

Internet privacyInternet privacy

FCC to Internet Providers: Fess Up about Data Collection

Your ISP may soon have to spill about how they’re collecting and sharing your personal info.

ipad womanipad woman

Why and How to Reset Your Apple ID Password

The FBI's recent effort to unlock an iPhone serves as a good reminder about password safety.


A Shark-Spotting Drone Could See Jaws Before It Sees You

“The future of rescue” is being tested sky high over Australia’s coastline.

dan posnerdan posner

UL Engineers Help Make the World a Safer Place

Here are five who are making a difference.

A lithium-ion cell burns during the blunt nail test.A lithium-ion cell burns during the blunt nail test.

Blowing Up Hoverboards on Purpose

A peek behind the scenes at UL’s hoverboard safety testing.

like and share fblike and share fb

Facebook Like-Farming: Are You One Click Away from a Scam?

Think before you like or share clickbait.