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Home Appliance Evolution: What Safety Has to Do With It


Get charged up about battery safety

Staying safe with lithium-ion batteries

Diaper testDiaper test

How UL tests diapers with sophisticated sniff tests

An inside look at one of UL’s scientific product evaluations

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Are Connected Toys Putting Your Kids at Risk?

Key steps to take when shopping for kids


The Dangers of Lasers in Toys and Other Products

Prevent serious eye injuries with these tips

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10 Ways to Keep Your Personal Info Private and Secure in Today’s Connected World

Here’s how to secure your connected devices

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Securing Your Vehicle: How to Prevent Keyless Entry Thefts and Other Key Fob Hacks

Must-knows about key fob security

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Face On or Face Off?

Can You Trust Facial Recognition Technology?

Woman at home installing a smart light system.Woman at home installing a smart light system.

SafeBee for a Safe Home: Smarter From Room to Room

From smartphones and virtual assistants to thermostats and light bulbs, internet of things (IoT) technology is popping up everywhere at home, at work, and in-between.

Smart home tech - refrigeratorSmart home tech - refrigerator

Smart Homes, Smarter Consumers

There are currently more than 13 billion interconnected devices (digital and electronic) globally.


​Drones Are Becoming More Popular, But Are They Safe?

Everything from package deliveries to farming to construction building and more might all soon be supported by a drone.


Lithium-Ion Battery Safety

Lithium Ion Battery Safety Precautions. Keep yourself safe around batteries.

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Hoverboards Receive UL Certification and Roll Again

Hoverboards Receive UL Certification and Roll Again

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Have fun, but be safe, while using Pokémon Go on your mobile device

Pokémon can be a blast but there are risks as well

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Damaged Tomatoes and Bread Mold: The Future of Energy?

Rotten food and fungus could one day power batteries and fuel cells.


Nanowaste: Why You Should Care About What You Can't See

Nanoparticles that are advancing science and improving products also have a dark side.