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Wearable fitness deviceWearable fitness device

Wearable Fitness Devices: Who Owns Your Data?

The short (and scary) answer: not you.

password 2password 2

Can Changing Your Passwords Too Often Backfire?

If it means you use dumb passwords, the answer may be “yes.”


6 Ways Drones Are Making Us Safer

In the right hands, this high-flying technology can do a world of good.

Internet privacyInternet privacy

FCC to Internet Providers: Fess Up about Data Collection

Your ISP may soon have to spill about how they’re collecting and sharing your personal info.

ipad womanipad woman

Why and How to Reset Your Apple ID Password

The FBI's recent effort to unlock an iPhone serves as a good reminder about password safety.


A Shark-Spotting Drone Could See Jaws Before It Sees You

“The future of rescue” is being tested sky high over Australia’s coastline.

UL Engineers Help Make the World a Safer Place

Here are five who are making a difference.

like and share fblike and share fb

Facebook Like-Farming: Are You One Click Away from a Scam?

Think before you like or share clickbait.

3D-printed prosthetic3D-printed prosthetic

Surprising Things We Can (or Almost Can) 3D Print

Forget custom action figures of yourself. Soon, you could be able to print dentures or a new lung.

burned hoverboardburned hoverboard

Hoverboards May Soon Be Recalled

The US government warned manufacturers it may start yanking unsafe hoverboards off of shelves.

3D-printed food3D-printed food

How Safe is 3D-Printed Food?

It’s possible to print 3D pizzas and wedding cake toppers — but do you really want to eat the results?

Two-factor authenticationTwo-factor authentication

What Is Two-Factor Authentication?

It’s like a cybersecurity blanket for your personal data.

Workplace cybersecurityWorkplace cybersecurity

Workplace Cybersecurity: 6 Ways to Protect Your Employer from Ransomware and Cyberattacks

Don’t let a dumb mistake bring down your company.


Saved from a Pile of Rubble by a ... Robotic Cockroach?

How a universally reviled bug inspired a potential search-and-rescue breakthrough.


How to Handle Online Trolls

Sometimes silence is golden, but other times you have to speak up. Here’s how.