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lock security breachlock security breach

Data Hacking Victim? Why and How to Monitor Your Credit Reports

If you’ve been the victim of a cybersecurity breach, here's what to know and do.

Bulletin board Bulletin board

How to Break Up with Your Email Inbox

5 strategies to help you check email less often.

Computer virusComputer virus

5 Ways to Avoid Computer Viruses

Malicious hackers are getting smarter, but you can protect your computer — and your data — with these tips.

Girl in front of school bus with smartphoneGirl in front of school bus with smartphone

5 Apps that Help You Keep Tabs on Your Kids

Find out where your family is without waiting for a check-in phone call or text.

Teens using smartphonesTeens using smartphones

Beyond Facebook: Apps Your Teen Is Using Now and What to Know About Them

The lowdown on Snapchat, Yik Yak, WhatsApp and the social media sites teens like

whistle activity monitorwhistle activity monitor

5 Tech Devices for Savvy Dog Parents

Use the newest pet technology to keep your pooch happier, healthier and safer.

coffee on laptopcoffee on laptop

What to Do If You Drop Your Laptop or Dump Coffee on Your Keyboard

Expert advice on how to do computer damage control.

businessman on cliffbusinessman on cliff

The 5-Step Digital Diet Plan

How to cut back on screen time without feeling deprived.

blue lightblue light

Block Blue Light And Sleep Better Tonight

Is the blue light emanating from your tablet and cell phone wrecking your sleep? Here are three smart ways to limit its effects.

little baby boylittle baby boy

How to Protect Your Child from Identity Theft

If you're not proactive, this type of fraud can go undetected for years.

Backup cameraBackup camera

How to Make Your Next Car Safer

8 potentially life-saving safety options to consider.

Hard driveHard drive

How to Save Your Data When Your Hard Drive Crashes

Don’t panic — all might not be lost.

silent beacon appsilent beacon app

Personal Safety Alarms: High-Tech Help When You Need It

These four take-with-you gadgets can sound the alarm when you're in trouble.

kids and phone safetykids and phone safety

Kids and Smartphones: The 411 on Hidden Risks

From pedestrian accidents to insomnia to geotagging concerns, know the facts.

colorful bikescolorful bikes

5 Gadgets to Make Biking Safer

These high tech finds — from a 360-degree light to a biker’s arbag — will help you steer clear of hazards around town or off-road.