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shocked admissions counselorshocked admissions counselor

Applying To College? Clean Up Your Social Media Act

Don’t let a compromising photo or unfortunate post get your application rejected.

teen using tablet in bedteen using tablet in bed

Positive Correlation Found Between Teens' Sleep and Electronic Use

Kids using computers and phones take longer to drift off at night.

Online datingOnline dating

Win the Online Dating Game by Staying Safe

An expert reveals tips for protecting yourself as your would-be romance moves from digital to 3D.

home internethome internet

How to Lock Down Your Home Internet

Are your computers and devices safe from intruders and malware? Here’s how to make the right security choices when setting up your home network.

cellphone emergencycellphone emergency

9 Ways Your Cellphone Can Save Your Life

Get help when you’re injured or lost and avert a medical emergency with these apps and phone features.

Webcam and computerWebcam and computer

Are Peeping Toms Watching You Through Your Webcam?

Block the prying eyes of hackers with these expert tips for securing your home webcam.

flood victimflood victim

Disaster Preparedness? There's an App for That

Your phone or tablet can be a powerful ally if disaster strikes.

girl shopping with tabletgirl shopping with tablet

4 Food Apps to Add to Your Phone or Tablet

To instantly know more about the health and safety of your food, check out these free tools.

A pile of old cellphonesA pile of old cellphones

What to Do When Your Electronic Treasures Become Trash

Wondering how to get rid of your old TV, cell phone or computer? Here are four smart strategies.

airport security scannerairport security scanner

Are Full Body Scanners Safe?

Why improved technology may mean less risk at airports.

using free wi-fiusing free wi-fi

​The High Price of Using Free Wi-Fi

Your risk of being hacked goes way up when you use free Wi-Fi. Install a virtual private network (VPN) on your mobile devices to be safe.

911 call on smartphone911 call on smartphone

5 Emergency Apps Everyone Should Have On Their Phone

Your smartphone is likely already your secretary, game center and communication hub. It can be a lifesaver, too, if you have the right apps.

A teen boy uses a computer while listening to an MP3 player.A teen boy uses a computer while listening to an MP3 player.

How to Use Parental Controls on Your Kids’ Devices

Take advantage of technology to limit screen time and block inappropriate content.

baby photosbaby photos

Is It Safe to Share Photos of Your Kids Online?

Experts weigh in on the do’s and don’ts.

woman on social media sitewoman on social media site

​8 Ways to Protect Yourself on Social Networks

Sharing too much on social networks can cost you more than your privacy. A cyber security expert offers eight critical tips for staying safe online.