Did you just buy a new Jeep Grand Cherokee or Dodge Durango? If you get a phone call from Fiat Chrysler, don't hang up.

The company issued an urgent recall yesterday advising 65 owners of these model year 2015 vehicles to stop driving them and to arrange an on-site inspection.

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The SUVs in question have a heat-treated suspension component that could break and fail, causing rear-end instability and reducing breaking power, said Fiat Chrysler in a press release. The problem was caught early during an internal quality review and only 13 percent of the car production was affected. At the time the recall was released, the company was not aware of any accidents or consumer complaints due to the faulty suspension component.

Just last month, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) raised concerns about the slow pace of repairs on 20 recalls involving some 10 million Fiat Chrysler vehicles. A public hearing is scheduled for July 2 to determine whether the company failed to remedy safety defects on those recalled vehicles and whether it issued required notices in a timely manner.

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The latest recall involves SUVs assembled from June 12 through June 20, 2015. Not all the affected vehicles have been purchased or shipped. According to the auto company, "additional vehicles numbering approximately 7,690 are also subject to recall because they were built during the same eight-day period as the 65 in the field." About 5,608 of those vehicles are believed to be in the U.S. while 255 are in Canada and 65 are in Mexico. Vehicles will undergo inspection prior to being sold to consumers.

At this time, Fiat Chrysler has corrected the problem after launching an investigation and resumed all production at their plant, according to the press release.

Owners of 2015 Grand Cherokee or Dodge Durango SUVs are encouraged to determine whether or not their vehicles are in the recall population by entering their vehicle identification numbers through their recall site. Customers with questions or concerns may call the FCA US Customer Care Center at 1-800-853-1403.

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