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They’re Cute, but How Safe Are Minicars?

Minicars might be cute, nimble and fuel efficient, but crash tests show they don’t protect passengers as well as larger cars.

teen traveler in londonteen traveler in london

​Preparing Your College Student for Travel Abroad

6 tips that will make the journey better for you and your child.

senior touristssenior tourists

8 Key Travel Tips for Seniors

Follow these steps to a stress-free, healthy vacation.

Two dogs wearing harnesses in a carTwo dogs wearing harnesses in a car

The Safe Way to Travel With Your Dog in the Car

Most pooches love car rides, but you may need to tweak your routine to keep your furry friend safe on the road.

Hotel roomHotel room

Bedbugs: How to Avoid Bringing Them Home from Your Vacation

Bedbugs lurk in beds, picture frames, furniture and more. How to spot an infested hotel room and keep these invaders out of your luggage.

A child in a booster seat.A child in a booster seat.

Is it Time to Say Bye-Bye, Booster Seat?

You may be among the 90 percent of parents ditching the booster too soon.

crash test carcrash test car

How to Research Crash Test Data

Find and decipher the info that will help you choose a safe car

teen girl behind the wheelteen girl behind the wheel

Why You Should Let Your Teen Drive the Newer Car

When your teen starts to drive, resist the temptation to offer your old clunker. Here’s why the newer family car may be the much better option.

Frozen drinksFrozen drinks

How to Avoid Travelers’ Diarrhea

Don’t spend your vacation in the bathroom. Ten million Americans develop travelers’ diarrhea each year, but these smart steps may slash your risk.

All-wheel-drive vehicleAll-wheel-drive vehicle

Is All-Wheel Drive Safest?

Rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive: Which is safest, and do road or weather conditions affect the level of safety?

cars on snowy roadcars on snowy road

4 Key Tips For Safer Winter Driving

Think you know how to drive in snow and ice? Find out.

A woman traveling aloneA woman traveling alone

Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone

How to protect yourself and your belongings from safety threats, whether at home or abroad.

girl in car seat girl in car seat

Are You Using Your Child Car Seat Wrong?

Almost everyone thinks they’re getting it right. Most aren’t.

safe drivingsafe driving

Staying Alive: How to Cut Your Risk of Dying in a Car Accident

7 defensive driving tips everyone should know.

Auto mechanicAuto mechanic

Auto Industry Issues Record Number of Recalls in 2014

The New York Times says 1 in 5 vehicles on the road this year is affected by a recall.