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tween girl in cartween girl in car

5 Ways to Keep Your Tween Safe in the Car

You’re done with car seats. Now there are other dangers to beware.

pedestrians on streetpedestrians on street

What to Do If You’re Hit by a Car

You may be in shock, but try to remember these tips.

boy on airplane with toy planeboy on airplane with toy plane

Parents: Should You Let Your Child Fly Alone?

Absolutely — as long as he’s on board with the idea and you do all the right pre-flight prep.

hybrid car charginghybrid car charging

Prius Owners, Watch Your Backside: Thieves Are Targeting Hybrid Batteries

Find out what to do — and why to be wary of battery bargains.

toy car crashtoy car crash

Parents, Beware: Come Summer, Teen Driving Is Risky Business

Accidents go up as vigilance goes down. Learn how to put the brakes on dangerous behavior.

cars in a traffic jamcars in a traffic jam

Are Your Tires Dangerously Underinflated?

Most drivers don't know how to check their tire pressure and half don't know what their pressure should be.

flooded carflooded car

Is Your Flooded Car a Goner?

Get the facts before you decide to salvage your water-logged vehicle.

grand canyongrand canyon

The Dumbest Things People Do in National Parks

What park rangers really, really wish you wouldn't do.

Generic cars on lotGeneric cars on lot

Do You Know if Your Vehicle Has Been Recalled?

A government agency has raised concerns about slow notifications for many Fiat Chrysler makes and models.

African lion couple in KenyaAfrican lion couple in Kenya

How to Stay Safe on a Safari

The wild animals will almost never hurt you — if you follow the rules.

Airbag deploying in a crash testAirbag deploying in a crash test

Toyota and Other Carmakers Expand Recall of Vehicles With Exploding Airbag Hazard

About 33 million airbags declared defective in the biggest auto recall in history.

mover with clipboard in front of familymover with clipboard in front of family

3 Big Moving Scams to Avoid

Don’t let an unscrupulous mover take you for a ride (or ride off with your belongings).

Street scene in HavanaStreet scene in Havana

Stay Safe on that Dream Trip to Cuba

Cuba is slowly opening up to Americans. Keep these tips in mind if you get a chance to go.

toy sheep on steering wheeltoy sheep on steering wheel

Steer Clear of a Hot Car Tragedy

Each year, some good parents make a horrible mistake and leave their child in a hot car by accident. Don't be one.

Hostel sign on a brick wallHostel sign on a brick wall

Hostel Safety: How to Have a Fun, Incident-Free Adventure

Budget travelers love these cheap accomodations — and so do thieves.