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lottery scratch offlottery scratch off

You Won the Lottery? Here’s What to Do Next

Experts weigh in on how to avoid the riches-to-rages saga.


How to Survive an Attack by “Killer Bees”

They’re aggressive, they’ll chase you and they like to sting. But if you know what to do, you can leave them in the dust.

Unhappy tenants in commonUnhappy tenants in common

Tenants in Common Agreements: What to Know Before You Sign

Buying an otherwise unaffordable home as tenants in common may be tempting, but understand what you’re getting into.

Cut of coffee forgotten on the deskCut of coffee forgotten on the desk

Is Your Leftover Morning Coffee Safe to Drink in the Afternoon?

Experts weigh in on old joe.

arms with credit cards in airarms with credit cards in air

Want a Good Credit Score? Beware These 5 Credit Myths

Don't screw up your credit score when trying to improve it.

tandem skydivingtandem skydiving

Is Your Insurance Company Using Social Media to Snoop on You?

Your post on skydiving may lead to sky-high coverage.

lettuce fieldlettuce field

Was Your Lettuce Irrigated with Wastewater from Fracking?

And if so, do you have a right to know?

fema help highwayfema help highway

Need Help Restoring Your Home after a Flood? Here’s What to Do

The government and private groups will give you a hand.

couple for rent homecouple for rent home

Renters: Beware These 4 Common Scams

Business is booming for phantom rentals.

long stretch limolong stretch limo

When Stretch Limos Turn Deadly

These luxury vehicles promise a safe, secure ride, but there’s a catch.

empty purseempty purse

When to Use a Credit Counseling Service — and When It’s a Scam

You could lower your interest rate significantly — or get ripped off.

man with tooth painman with tooth pain

5 Times Never to Ignore Tooth Pain

Get to the dentist if you experience any of these.

keyless ignitionkeyless ignition

Keyless Ignition? Don’t Forget to Turn Off Your Car

One couple died recently from carbon monoxide poisoning after they accidentally left their vehicle running.

man with prescription bottlesman with prescription bottles

Death by Prescription

What your doctor writes on the pad — and how he writes it — could hurt you.

planet earth water croppedplanet earth water cropped

15 Easy Ways to Conserve Water

Small changes can yield big savings for you and the planet.